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Oasis Soap guarantees that their soap is better for your face, hands,
 and simply all of you, than regular commercial soap. 
If you don't agree, we'll return your money.

Why use handmade soap?
How does the price and quality compare to commercial soaps?  

Ingredients:  We strive to keep our soaps as natural as possible.  They are made from the best quality, vegetable glycerin, a product usually reserved for the finest moisturizers and skin care.  Their properties are nourishing to the skin, and can be used on the most sensitive areas of the body and face.  No animal products are used.  Except in the most extreme cases, they are allergen free. They are also gluten free.  When possible, our fragrances and colorants are natural.  However, especially in the case of colorants, man has been able to reproduce the molecular structure of certain colors and eliminate the harmful metals and toxins that are often associated with natural colorants from the earth.  They are the same coloring that you eat in many of the foods you buy in the grocery.  The colorants used to replicate metals are cosmetic grade colorants that are often used in eye makeup, so safe for the eyes. 

Most of our fragrances are natural floral extracts and oils, including essential oils.  Some contain grapefruit seed extract for it's antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

As a testimony regarding the benefits of these soaps, as opposed to other type soaps, during the winter I was constantly plagued by uncontrollable, itchy, dry skin, especially on my legs. Nothing helped.  After I began using my soaps, all that disappeared.  I keep them at each sink and in my bath. A daily treat is looking at them and watching them change with use.  Some people have said they are too beautiful to use, but I say, if they are not used, you are robbing yourself of their greatest asset.


Some people feel that the unique beauty of Oasis Soap is worth a little extra money, but truthfully, there is an even better reason for buying Oasis Soap over commercial brands. 

Basic is the fact that commercial soaps are actually synthetic detergents, made from chemicals, better for your dishes than your skin.  The ingredients in commercial soaps can not only be drying to your skin, but can lead to rashes and other skin problems.  Even those bars that might be labeled as �Natural� contain only minute amounts of natural ingredients, just enough to catch the eye of the consumer that is looking for healthier products.  Upon reading the ingredients, one sees that they are still almost all synthetic.  

Oasis Soap is made from the finest natural glycerin that moisturizes and nourishes your skin.  So is there anything that true natural soaps have in common with commercial soaps?  Yes. 

In the process of making soap fats, oils and lye are combined, causing a process called saponification, which always must take place to produce soap.  During this process, two things are produced.  Soap and glycerin.  Commercial soap makers then separate the two, packaging the soap and selling the glycerin for higher profits.  Glycerin is a main ingredient in fine skin lotions and moisturizers, so off it goes for these purposes.  Remember... Oasis Soap is made from the glycerin, not the soap, which is why glycerin soap base is clear.

Glycerin is a humectants, meaning it attracts moisture to the skin.  It is also highly �hygroscopic� meaning that it attracts and absorbs water from the air. It is very affective in softening the skin.  Some argue that this characteristic is due to the attraction of water, some feel that there are also other properties in glycerin that are softening.  Regardless of why, the fact is that it�s moisturizing qualities are remarkable. 

Most handmade soaps are made from a cold or hot process method, like the others, they mix fats, oils and lye to generate saponification.  In their process they do not entirely strip all the glycerin from their soap, as commercial soap manufacturers do. Definitely they are superior to commercial soaps.  However, Oasis Soap is different yet than those. 

Oasis Soap is not made from this method, but is made entirely from a glycerin base, with only color and fragrance added.  As mentioned, it is clear, as opposed to the opaque soaps that are made from the lye process.  The glycerin used in Oasis Soap is specifically from a vegetable base, meaning that no animal fats were used in it�s production.  Even some other handmade soaps are made from animal fats.

Oasis Soap is not only a superior cleanser for the face and body, it is among the highest in moisturizing properties of any similar product.  It leaves the skin clean, smooth and soft, without stripping its natural oils.

Because of the characteristics that result from the use of glycerin, a little extra care should be used to insure a long life.  Keep. your soap in a dish that is well drained.  Don�t let it rest anywhere water collects, such as on the side of a tub, or where the shower spray might hit it.  This will prevent it from dissolving as a result of the glycerin molecules that absorb water.  Well cared for, it will last a very long time. 

Now with all that said, equally enjoyable to the soft skin it gives you, is watching the patterns change as it is used.  It�s been hard to convince some people that Oasis Soap is not just a decorative accessory, but a useful soap that actually becomes more beautiful with use.  The colors stay vibrant, the patterns change and hidden colors are discovered, all with use.  You�ll love the pleasure it gives all your senses, it�s beauty, it�s fragrance, and more radiant, touchable skin.

We invite you to enjoy the pleasures of Oasis Soap.  Buy yours now, with our handy shopping cart here.  http://www.oasissoap.com/stock.html

How does the price and quality compare to commercial soaps?

The leading commercial soap is advertised as a moisturizing "beauty bar" as it contains 25% lotion, not mentioning the 75% that is a detergent, as described above.   The moisturizing ingredient in lotions is glycerin, which makes up a fraction of the lotion referred to in their advertising.  Oasis Soap has no irritating detergent and is simply a pure glycerin base with color and fragrance added.  The cheapest price we could find for the commercial beauty bar was $7.49.  Cheaper soaps were detergent only.  The same size Oasis Soap Stone is priced at $6.80, yet the moisturizing properties of Oasis Soap is considerably higher. 


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