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Oasis Soap Company is a small, cottage industry located in western Arkansas.,
We began as a mother and daughter team, years ago, successfully selling our soaps in
a shop owned by my daughter, Whitney.  When Whitney sold her shop and relocated, the production stopped, but not the interest.  In 2008, the decision was made to revive the business, and sell on-line.

Both my husband and myself are professional, fine artist.  My husband is a landscape painter.  I painted for many years, primarily portraits and horses, but now confine myself to sculpture.  Our work is carried in galleries throughout the United States.  I am also a breeder of
Egyptian Arabian horses.

The creation of Oasis Soap allows me to use my education and talents as an artist, in a
medium that can readily and inexpensively be enjoyed by everyone.  Being a creative
venture, and not a method of mass production, I frequently add new designs, and throw
out those that are either slow sellers, or I just simply don't like (often the same
selections).  Wholesalers often find these new additions in their shipment, before
they appear on the website.

The soaps are made in small batches, then hand cut, trimmed and wrapped.  Although I
use a quality shrink wrap, I'm constantly looking for a better method, as the shape and characteristics of the soap have their own effect on the wrapping.  They are really at
their most beautiful, unwrapped.

The variety is great, as I follow no formula for their design.  Using my hands and eyes, each batch is constructed as an art work in progress.  Because of this, designs and intensity of colors vary. No two soaps are alike.

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and considering our soaps.  We do
everything possible to provide you with something you can add to your home and enjoy daily. We guarantee that you will be happy with your selection.

Since all my work requires concentration, and I'm rarely near the phone.
Please contact me through email at:


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